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Mobs, Inc. Mobs, Inc.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I would love to see a Mobs Inc 2 with an expanded concept, things like different characters, more dungeons, etc. Or you could go a different route and devote time to the currently nameless mob we have and tell us more about him. But more than anything I'd like to see a story, a passable one, doesn't even have to be any depth to it (think guitar hero 3), but it would be a shame for a game with such potential to go unspent.
As for this one, brilliantly done, absolutely no complaints about what's there, only what isn't. Obviously being made in such a short time there wasn't time to build on mechanics it had, so the game feels short, and lacks that power to keep you playing for a long time. Other than that, the mechanics are fantastic, it's got that harsh, unforgiving feel and every move you make feels satisfying. You earn those promotions, and it feels like you really earned them. The music was great, the controls felt like they were on point, and the art/animation is impactful. 9/10

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