Entry #1

Free time + 0 ideas = Free art.

2015-04-07 12:02:44 by xscar10

I was thinking about taking a couple of requests since I have waaaay too much free time on my hands.

Anybody have a request? A pokemon? An anime character? video game character? One of your chracters even?


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2015-09-07 23:41:29

Hey, I remember you. I've seen you on DeviantArt. I never thought I'd find someone familiar on Newgrounds, with the whole "scouted/unscouted" art separation thing. Actually, how I found something from you here is a mystery, with you not being "scouted" and all.

xscar10 responds:

Well I was scouted previously, but was subsequently un-scouted (de-scouted?) later. I suppose they didn't see the improvement they wanted, or something along those lines. But yeah, it is cool to see somebody else from DeviantArt on here, it's like running into a friend when you're out shopping. A pleasant surprise. ^w^